Bergen Community Association

The Bergen Community Association began in 1951. The association exists to support and enhance the Bergen community.

Our Volunteers

Dedicated Volunteers

We are a group of community volunteers who care about the upkeep of our local community hall.

Here are some common activities!

  • cleaning bees
  • maintenance and repairs
  • kitchen clean ups
  • grant applications to obtain finances for hall upgrades
  • community get togethers (so neighbours can meet and share food!)
  • support family activities (our beautiful playground is well loved and took a community to put together)
  • support our local 4H club (in return, the 4H club helps with yard maintenance and volunteers at our Turkey Dinner)
  • technological improvements
  • and so much more!

Bergen is built with new neighbours and old, those who have always lived here and those who have not.  Welcome to our home, the beautiful Bergen!

Volunteers meet monthly at Bergen Hall on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm.  (No meetings July/August.)  New volunteers welcome.